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Our customers use our platform to manage health risks in industrial facilities, factory floors, precision labs, industrial kitchens, and warehouses.

"Working with Flairz Health we quickly realized that knee health is our biggest organizational risk..."

Injury Prevention as Core Strategy

Reduce employer costs (Loss Time Injury and Recordable Injury Frequency) by introducing preventive digital MSK programs for population at risk or facing chronic MSK conditions.

Mental health + MSK

MSK pain need to be addressed through a biopsychosocial approach for a lasting solution. Risks are influenced by physical, mental and social factors. Developed in collaboration with health systems, our programs manage MSK risks by combining mind-body therapies that are proven to have a long-term effect.

Behavioral Science + MSK

Applied behavioral science can have a positive influence on developing personal habits. We use it to align integrated MSK programs with each employee's values, motivation and lifestyle.

Risk Analytics

The future Chief Medical Officer is not a case manager but a health data officer, identifying at-risk population quickly and deploying precise programs as preventive interventions. Our platform continuously monitors emerging risk trends in an organization and assists CMOs to take data driven decisions.

"Stress reduced by 51% from baseline PSS-10 score in less than a year..."

Enterprise ready, Cloud Based

Our web and mobile platform makes it easy for health coaches to deliver preventive care to large populations.

  • Case management

    Fully configurable case workflows. Integrated document management with powerful search tools. Analytics dashboard for monitoring population risk trends.

  • Integrative Programs

    Preventive programs that blends musculoskeletal, mental health and lifestyle. These programs are personalised based on proprietary risk and behavioral assessments.

  • Health Coach Portals

    Interface for coaches to design and deliver precise programs and interventions for groups.

  • Smart Goals

    Employess can set achievable goals, practice exercises and track their own progress.

  • Group sessions

    Health Coaches can conduct remote group sessions for specific needs of different groups.

  • Rewards and Challenges

    Employers can choose to provide rewards and incentives to motivate employees complete prevention programs.


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