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Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals often work long hours, sometimes in high-stress situations. Fatigue can lead to medical errors, impacting patient care and safety.

Transportation & Logistics

This includes truck drivers, pilots, train operators, and shipping crew members. Fatigue can lead to catastrophic accidents in these sectors, making fatigue management essential.

Manufacturing & Construction

Workers in these industries often operate heavy machinery or perform tasks that require high levels of concentration. Fatigue increases the risk of accidents and injuries on the job.

Energy & Utilities

This includes nuclear power plant operators, electrical linemen, and oil and gas industry workers. Mistakes in these sectors due to fatigue can have severe consequences, including environmental disasters.

Emergency Services

Police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) often work irregular hours and must be alert and responsive in critical situations. Fatigue can significantly impair their effectiveness and decision-making abilities.


This industry involves operating in potentially hazardous conditions where alertness is crucial for preventing accidents.

Maritime Industry

Seafarers often face long and irregular working hours in isolated environments, which can lead to fatigue-related accidents.


Both pilots and air traffic controllers work in environments where fatigue can lead to errors with serious consequences.

Military & Defense

Soldiers and other military personnel often endure long hours and stressful conditions, where fatigue can impact operational readiness and decision-making.

Trusted by leading enterprises

Our customers use our AI platform for early detection and management of physical and emotional injury risks for their workforce in assembly lines, factory floors, precision labs, industrial kitchens, rehabilation centers and warehouses.

Our Vision

Our larger vision extends beyond risk mitigation. We aim to foster a culture of health and safety in industrial environments, creating an ecosystem where workers are not only safe and healthy, but also happy and productive.

risk detection

Risk Detection : CheckIns + Wearables

Self-Reported via App
With our self-guided assessments, users can share details such as sleep patterns, stress levels, and discomfort, gaining empowering insights.

Biometrics via Smart Wearables
We can monitor metrics such as fatigue management and heat illness. These metrics developed at DARPA and being leveraged by us to create our data algorithms

Risk Evaluation : Powered by Flairz AI

Our solution utilizes precise recommendations for individuals, which are formulated by using self-guided assessments.

Our AI algorithms further enhances the captured measures to help build individuals’ Fatigue Management Variability, which captures risks for injuries and stress for the individual.

Risk Resolution: Multi Pronged

Short-term Strategies
Encouraging progressive micro-habit alterations via alert notifications and activity suggestions - Sleep, Stress, Nutrition, etc.

Long-term Strategies
Foster a broader understanding of mitigating health risks through lifestyle behavior changes, events, and community-focused activities - Flairz Fatigue Management Program

Multi pronged approach to drive engagement

Collaboration with key stakeholders - employers, management, and unions

Compliant reporting of metrics to suit all stakeholders

Customized communication strategies

Precisely crafted deployment of programs, challenges, and communities

Identify and engage key influencers


Challenges and leaderboards to drive motivation

Easy implementation of competitive challenges and engaging leaderboards

Exciting gamification of the experience

Incorporation of appealing rewards

Monitoring of activities at a population level allows Micro segmentation and Tailored notification strategy


Inbuilt community creation features allow quick creation and customization of communities

Dynamic platform where employees can share experiences, support each other, and collectively contribute to a healthy workplace culture

Social media type of features creates rapid buy-in from the workers

"Stress reduced by 51% from baseline PSS-10 score in less than a year..."

Enterprise ready, Cloud Based

We identify occupational risk areas in the organization and deploy a digital preventive program as a risk / cost reduction strategy, via an enterprise grade, HIPAA compliant platform.

"Working with Flairz Health we quickly realized that knee health is our biggest organizational risk..."


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