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Our customers use our platform to manage health risks in industrial facilities, factory floors, precision labs, industrial kitchens, and warehouses.

"Working with Flairz Health we quickly realized that knee health is our biggest organizational risk..."

AI Powered MSK Assessments

Deep learning architectures to estimate possible MSDs and massively reduce cost of monitoring fitness for duty. We are leveraging cutting edge research to detect in real-time human body, hand, facial, foot key-points from videocam footage and overlaying various range of motion data to assess mobility.

Injury Prediction and Prevention

Flairz Shield continuously monitors data from the on-the-job wearable sensors measuring repetitive movements of the lower back, shoulders, knees and ankles. It builds a risk assessment matching the data against the worker's MSK, sleep, stress profiles. Fit-for-duty certificates are issued or revoked algorithmically for specific MSK sensitive jobs based on predicted injury risks for each worker. Curated injury prevention programs are recommended for risk mitigation for microsegments.

Mental Wellness + MSK

MSK pain need to be addressed through a biopsychosocial approach for a lasting solution. Risks are influenced by physical, mental and social factors. Developed in collaboration with health systems, our programs manage MSK risks by combining mind-body therapies that are proven to have a long-term effect.

Leveraging Different Digital Channels

Guides employees through exercises and mindfulness practices through interactive kiosks on premise based on their personal needs

At the start of the day or in between shifts employees can use screencast to large TVs for group “stretch and flex” coach-assisted exercises

Provide on Demand Coach, At Home Personalized Routines, Objective Assessments and Health and Safety Education

"They all take out and open their phones and follow along, and then when we're done, we start working. It's a thing we do as a group and it’s part of the morning routine." – feedback by a Field Technician Manager about their location about Flairz solution".

Behavioral Science + MSK

Applied behavioral science can have a positive influence on developing personal habits. We use it to align integrated MSK programs with each employee's values, motivation and lifestyle.

Risk Analytics

The future Chief Medical Officer is not a case manager but a health data officer, identifying at-risk population quickly and deploying precise programs as preventive interventions. Our platform continuously monitors emerging risk trends in an organization and assists CMOs to take data driven decisions.

"Stress reduced by 51% from baseline PSS-10 score in less than a year..."

Enterprise ready, Cloud Based

We identify predominant MSK risk areas in the organization and deploy a digital preventive program as a risk / cost reduction strategy, via an enterprise grade, HIPAA compliant platform. Our engagement strategy is outlined below:

  • Flairz Experience

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  • Industrial Athlete

    Evaluate Risk, Advise and Motivate - all within the FlairzAI Datahub.

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  • SafetyToHealth

    Provide Coaches On-Demand via FlairzKiosks. Assist employees with Sleep, Stress, Fatigue and Nutrition related areas in addition to MSK.

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  • Ergonomics

    Evaluate job-specific risks, develop functional assessments, provide recommended functional exercises, and provide regular health population assessments.

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Clinical Advisory Board

"Working with Flairz Health we quickly realized that knee health is our biggest organizational risk..."


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