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Our customers use our AI platform for early detection and management of physical and emotional injury risks for their workforce in assembly lines, factory floors, precision labs, industrial kitchens, rehabilation centers and warehouses.

"The future Chief Medical Officer is not a case manager but a health data officer, identifying at-risk populations proactively and deploying preventive programs quickly..."
risk detection

Risk Detection : CheckIns + Wearables

Continuous acquisition of human performance metrics. The data procurement is dual-pronged: it's either self-reported through daily check-ins via the Flairz app (capturing elements such as sleep patterns, stress levels, and discomfort), or it's automatically captured via cutting-edge wearables from our partner, GoX Labs (monitoring metrics such as heart rate, physical movement, temperature and perspiration levels) during work shifts.

Physiological changes are the leading indicators of fatigue and thermal stress, and the best way to predict the future onset of such stress.

Risk Evaluation : Powered by Flairz AI

Continuously assesses various individual and group health risks (including but not limited to fatigue, heat-induced stress, dehydration, musculoskeletal inefficiencies), utilizing the performance data gathered from the workforce.

Risk predictions are formulated using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and are validated in controlled laboratory settings to ensure their reliability and robustness.

Image shows risk microsegments generated by our AI platform, where each dot is a worker and they are grouped together by shared health risk characteristics.

Risk Resolution: Multi Pronged

Flairz platform offers short-term and long-term strategies to manage and mitigate the observed risks in individual workers as well as groups within an organization.

Immediate measures involve alert notifications and activity suggestions aimed at encouraging progressive micro-habit alterations.

In contrast, long-term strategies foster a broader understanding of health risks through durational programs, events, and community-focused activities.

These risk mitigation strategies are grounded in scientific research and are developed in collaboration with leading health coaches and health systems.

Efficient and Configurable App

Daily Check-Ins & Personalized Recommendations
Facilitates a routine health assessment for workers prior to their work shift. Based on assessed risk, the app provides actionable recommendations that reduces risk.

Risk Alert & Health Scorecard System
Monitor health trends through a user-friendly health scorecard that tracks configurable health attributes such as hydration, movement, VO2, heart rate etc.

Smart Goal & Reminder System
Set and manage your health goals effectively. Whether it's for movement, hydration, breathing, or exercise, create reminders to make these beneficial actions a part of your daily routine.


Community Engagement Baked in

Community Forum and Challenges
Engage in our organization-wide community forums, share experiences, participate in discussions, and join wellness challenges for a healthy dose of competition and motivation.

Health & Wellness Programs and Events
Targeted health programs and events led by professional coaches. From MSK programs (eg. knee health) to mental resilience programs, our wide range of topics ensures there's a program suited to the organization’s health risk mitigation needs.

FlairzFIT programs

Flairz FIT programs, curated by experts, integrate lifestyle and emotional wellness strategies. They aid industrial workers in mitigating MSK injuries, boosting energy, and fostering productivity and satisfaction.

MSK: Personalized MRA-based exercises improve endurance, reduce stress, increase energy, and enhance cardiovascular health, supporting workers in diverse job functions, regardless of physical demands.

Fatigue Management: Brief fatigue-reducing activities, ergonomic exercises, and sleep optimization strategies ensure refreshed, energetic employees.

Heat Stress: For workers in high-heat environments, timely breaks, optimal hydration, and water intake maintenance are vital for preventing heat stress and maintaining performance.

Emotional Health: Mental Resilience coaching can help workers combat depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, thereby promoting overall health, stable relationships, and effective job performance.

"Stress reduced by 51% from baseline PSS-10 score in less than a year..."

Enterprise ready, Cloud Based

We identify occupational risk areas in the organization and deploy a digital preventive program as a risk / cost reduction strategy, via an enterprise grade, HIPAA compliant platform.


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"Working with Flairz Health we quickly realized that knee health is our biggest organizational risk..."


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