Industrial Athlete

We focus not only on the safety of the Industrial Athlete, but also their health and happiness.

We enable Employers to make their Employees not only feel that they are a producer of goods or services, but also are treating them like the Industrial Athlete they truly are.

Like any “Athlete” they perform a job that requires a wide range of physical demands, such as strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

1. Assess worker MSK + EH condition

Subjective assessments of employees’ MSK condition are used to understand their own MSK health, deployed on mobile devices and on-premise work FlairzKiosks. Objective Assessments are for employees to compare with their Subjective Data. Personalized exercises provided to employees algorithmically upon request.

2. Algorithmically recommend MSK-Based programs

MSK –based Exercise Programs can be assigned algorithmically to specifically address location/employee health population needs. Ability to conduct “Stretch and Flex” Programs view through FlairzKiosks. Emerging risk patterns for the population is made available to the plant and safety managers via dashboards.

3. Predict injury risks and recommend prevention programs

Ability to view Job specific or Employee condition-specific exercises, using FlairzAI driven bot. Ability to view employer-specific other Health and Safety Information. Ability to receive self-care based sleep, stress and nutrition programs.