Flairz Assessments

We focus not only on the safety of the industrial athlete, but also their health and happiness.

Heat Stress Management

Competitors often use Core Temperature as the determining factor in assessing dehydration- however, we know that Core Temp is a lagging indicator of dehydration, and there are far more proactive ways to determine heat stress. Taking key metrics from fitness trackers such as VO2 /VO2 Max Ratio, HR and HRV, our algorithms produce a comprehensive dehydration risk that is predictive rather than reactive, and offers targeted interventions based on a worker’s personal fitness and environmental factors. This will prevent your employees from injuring themselves or their coworkers through overexertion and dehydration.

Fatigue Management

When workers reach a level of cardiovascular exertion, increased effort is needed to perform work tasks correctly and avoid errors or injury. Particularly in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, construction and mining, workplace errors tend to be more catastrophic, and fatigue management is particularly important to ensure the safety of workers and to prevent injury. FLAIRZ uses the constant feed of biometric information from trackers to objectively determine fatigue levels of your workers in real time. We then inform them of a comprehensive rest plan and warn them about potential hazards for the next shift. By conducting an assessment and implementing these measures, companies can create a more energized and productive work environment, leading to improved employee satisfaction and performance.

Musculoskeletal Management

Assessing and managing musculoskeletal (MSK) risks is essential for promoting a safe and healthy work environment. Our personalized MSK assessments help identify areas where workers may be at risk of injury or strain and recommend exercises that improve their endurance and capacity to perform job-specific tasks. These exercises can reduce stress, increase energy levels, and improve cardiovascular health, regardless of whether the job involves sitting, standing, or climbing.

Emotional IQ Assessment

Assessing and addressing mental health concerns is crucial for maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Our mental health assessments help identify and address issues such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse that can affect workers' health, relationships, and job performance. Our Mental Resilience coaching provides workers with the tools and support needed to overcome these challenges, promoting improved mental health, productivity, and overall well-being.