OSHA Compliant COVID Risk Management

Easily Comply with  Vaccine or Test Mandates

Vaccination status tracking and test results management for employers. Our HIPAA compliant all-in-one solution can be deployed in as little as a day.

Vaccine Tracking & Fraud Detection > COVID-19 Self Testing > Case Management > Video Proctoring

The all-in-one solution for safety and compliance

Use one or all depending upon your requirements

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Confirm Vaccine Status

Track employee vaccination status, fraud detection and stay in compliance with evolving requirements.

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Collect Test Results

View and manage results from our central Command Center

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Screen Health Status

Verify that your team is healthy before they enter the workplace with a 5-second daily questionnaire

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Manage Cases

Effectively respond to employee positive cases with isolation & quarantine management.

How it works

For Human Resources

Be Safe. Be Compliant

Command Center provides the tools to ensure your business is safe and compliant.

1. Vaccine & Exemption Tracking: Know the status of employees, manage exemptions.

2. Weekly Testing: manage test results from one central location.

3. Health Screening: Ensure only healthy employees enter the workplace each day.

4. Building Access Management And Safe Entry To Physical Locations: Automate enforcement of your entry policies.

5. Case Manager: Manage positive cases, contact tracing, and quarantine/isolation protocols. No more spreadsheets.

6. HIPAA Compliant: All data is stored in a HIPAA-compliant platform to protect employee privacy.

7. Monitoring and Reporting: Management reports and dashboards for the employee population

For Employees

Simple to use workflows 

Employees participate in maintaining a healthy workplace

1. Vaccination status: input vaccination status and upload Vaccination Card image

2. Testing: simple workflow for test results reporting

3. Health Screening: A quick, daily 5-second check-in.

4. Recommended Results: Receive recommendations to stay home or come in.

5. Connected Contact Tracing: Contacts can be automatically logged to notify the right people quickly in case of exposure.

6. Maintains privacy: Uses a HIPAA-compliant platform to report your COVID-19 test results and vaccine status.

7. Mental and Behavioral Health Support: According to mood and sleep patterns our health coach will recommend daily exercise to practice and corresponding SMART Goals to remind on selected days and times.

Customer Examples:

OSHA Compliant Covid Risk Management

End to End Physician Guided


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