COVID-19 BackToWork

Ensure Health of Your Employees and Business

This will enable employers to plan, execute and monitor back-to-work transitions; identify and manage COVID19 related risks; and effectively communicate with and support employees with a set of features to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Flairz Back To Work Framework

We accomplish through a 7-step integrated process involving one time and routine actions on the part of the employer as well as the employee. All 7-steps are enabled through our mobile ready, user friendly, highly secure and HIPPA compliant software application Flairz BTW.

Create Dynamic “BackToWork” HR Policies

The solution addresses all requirements for creation, administration, real time modification and sharing of policies (corporate, facility and department levels) with employees that keep them safe and reduce business risk.

Cohort Management & Symptom Check


 In order to minimize the number of people who have to be isolated, “cohorts” can be created. A cohort is a small group of defined and named employees that work together in close proximity.


Employee can track their health condition related to COVID-19, based on answering a set of questions and receive individualized guidelines related to employee health and work-related  procedures.

Moment Of Care @Home

With the “moment of care” feature an employer can provide access to specific care programs for their employees to maintain employee  health and wellness.

Incident Management

When an employee reports sick with Covid-19 symptoms, an alert notification is sent to managers on a real time basis so that they can immediately review the employee health status.

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Operations Management

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Operational dashboard for management.
-To monitor operations at all levels.
-To be aware of exceptions to be followed upon.
-To have at hand actionable intelligence for any situation.

Connected experiences to ease the transition back to work

Employee Self Health Application

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This enables employees to assess and monitor their health condition on a daily basis and at the same time provide visibility to their employer on their overall health status

Employer Health Management Portal

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Enables employers to identify and manage COVID-19 risk and effectively communicate with and support employees.

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