Enabling employers to monitor employee health status

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COVID-19  is a global pandemic that’s continuing to spread rapidly.
We at Flairz Health, enable employers to assess their employee health status as they bring back their workforce back to work in a phased manner. At the same time employees can assess and monitor their health condition on a daily basis and get the right recommendations.

Our Response to COVID-19

Employee Self Health Application

This enables employees to assess and monitor their health condition on a daily basis and at the same time provide visibility to their employer on their overall health status

Employer Health Management Portal

Enables employers to identify and manage COVID-19 risk and effectively communicate with and support employees.

Engaging Offerings

Different Program Options


Easy to fill up a set of questions to self track your condition

Antibody Testing

We can provide you location for antibody testing based on your location.


Based on the answers to your questions we provide you CDC based recommendations

User Engagement


Our joint collaboration with a health system enables us to bring to you specific mindfulness exercise in a personalized way.

Social Connectivity

As always and more importantly now, it is beneficial to be connected with the community of your choice.

Monitoring your employee health status.

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