COVID-19 Risk Management

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Helping Employers Comply To CAL-OSHA COVID 19

We accomplish through a stepwise integrated process involving one time and routine actions on the part of the employer as well as the employee. All steps are enabled through our mobile ready, user friendly, highly secure and HIPPA compliant software application Flairz BTW.


When an employee at a particular location has tested positive/ symptomatic, the organization needs to find out the employees who have been in contact with the employee tested positive and notify them

Investigating and responding to COVID-19 cases in the workplace to include illness history, determining which other employees may have had a COVID-19 exposure and what, if any, workplace conditions that may have contributed to the COVID-19 risks and what could be done to minimize those risks. Personal identifying information shall be kept confidential as well as relevant medical records


We help employers comply with CAL OSHA Section 3205.1/2 – INFECTIONS AND OUTBREAKS

“If a place of employment has been identified by the local health department as a location of COVID-19 outbreak
or when there are 3 or more COVID-19 cases in an exposed workplace within a last 14-day period.”

Testing Requirements:
Employers must provide testing to all the employees at the exposed workplace except for those who were not
present during the outbreak


With the “moment of care” feature an employer can provide access to specific care programs for their employees to maintain employee  health and wellness.

Connected experiences to ease the transition back to work

Employee Self Health Application

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This enables employees to assess and monitor their health condition on a daily basis and at the same time provide visibility to their employer on their overall health status

Employer Health Management Portal

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Enables employers to identify and manage COVID-19 risk and effectively communicate with and support employees.

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